Deb / Elaine / Marian

Welcome Friends

DEM Cards were developed out of desperation while studying for a Brevet course in 1993.

  Deb Kornegay, the "D" of DEM Cards, has a good friend in the printing business. She decided that to be able to afford to use these great cards to judge, we needed to sell them. She is the printing and mailing part of the group.

  Elaine Wulf, the "E" of DEM Cards, developed the original ideas for most of the cards and continues to be an outstanding proof reader.

  Marian Dykes, the "M" of DEM Cards, came into the group a few years later when she helped us sell cards at one event.

Elaine and Deb quickly realized Marian had much more talents in the sales area than either of them would ever hope to have, and asked her to join our group. Marian continues to out sale both Elaine and Deb.

DEM Cards is proud to donate a portion of the proceeds from sales to the Region 8 Athlete Apparel Fund.